My Curatorial Interests (so far)

My interests are many and varied. One persisting curiosity lies in the re-contextualisation of objects and artworks within an exhibition setting: in the managing of the works and the formation of combinations that might not have been their original, intended or optimum setting. I am also intrigued by the platform of curating, the things that surround the making of an exhibition, and what, exactly, the terms “curating” and “exhibition” mean for myself and others. Curating, for me, treads a fine line between the objective and creative and this is where I also place myself. It is this particular area, the in between, that really fascinates me. At what point does the curator draw the line between interpretation and objective assessment? A specific example, and personal interest, would be the display of paper-based works when in an installation context. Is the gravitas lent to paper-based work as part of an installation necessary or are they enough alone? When arranging an exhibit with such a scope of contents can the curator create larger pieces, installations, from their own vision or are they a force erecting barriers between the pieces.  With minute details and the drawing of the eye, or attention, to things that one might not traditionally consider as being part of an exhibition, for example; writing, the online presence and discourse, the exhibition can become something that doesn’t just happen in one place or across one platform. The exhibition, once a container for a set of ideas or a concept, is as multi-faceted as the work it may include.  

Artistic Practice

'Drawing and colour are not separate at all; in so far as you paint, you draw' 

Throughout my work, whether it be painted or drawn, the most important aspect is the process of drawing itself. My interest lies not only in the initial drawing process but in methodical reduction. Through “removing” parts of a composition marks left behind are a key aspect of the finished piece. I try to work intuitively taking inspiration from the most ordinary of objects and attempting to create images of both high contrast and atmosphere. As my work progresses I feel that the Painting process and the involvement of Drawing changes all the time. Whilst always intrinsic to the Painted solutions, I feel that the drawings themselves create their own conclusions. My ongoing relationship with mark-making informs the ambience I strive to create.